Micropanzer April Deals coming to end

Micropanzer has their special April deals coming to an end in their webshop. You’ve got just a week left to get in on the action.



From the announcement:

Micropanzer Voucher program as well as the buy one get one resin sale is in the last week. Will end Saturday May 2nd once I update site – might be early might be evening. Over all we are very pleased with how both have gone. While I have not reached the goal to get all infantry projects production molded as fast as we would like we have covered getting them mastered.

I have already talked with a majority of existing voucher holders and most seem to be after the Gutungi and we are solid on that as they are all ready to be spun up.

The only snag I have encountered is I asked too much from my caster on taking items from master molds and adding to production mold so they are sending me everything that is in question back and I will resend out all in proper sorted order – sometimes I forget I know what this and that are but to my caster it all looks same.

The Grav tank Project is moving along — enhanced the detail and make the tanks completely modular so add on options down the road will be easy and cheaper to create. Not sure about a release date waiting on new test prints and have to see who is going to cast it. I hope to show renders soon.