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Micro Panzer update from their forums

Micro Panzer has posted an update on current state of business.

From their announcement:

I been quite busy behind the scenes lately.

4 Local Game stores want to start carrying Project slipstream minis and I have supplied Osprey Publishing with 60 demo kits to Promote Ambush Alleys Tomorrow's War -- This was a trade deal with Osprey and will have many many copies of Tomorrow's War and once in hand will be doing a promo deal where you get a free pack of alien or humans when you buy the book from me -- voucher holders can use voucher on this as well ( and get the free pack)

I did have a nice boost with the voucher program - I am not moving as fast I would like but am doing my best.
I feel like I am on a tight rope and if I fall, I fall into blackness but if I can just hold out a few more steps all will be well -- lol

I just updated the Russian Combat Armor thread - new photos I will be taking down the pre-order special by the end of week as well. Voucher holders wanting this item will still get the deal price.

Voucher holders -- I have working on a product spread sheet in order for you to make a list --
Also any Voucher holder that changes their mind on voucher just needs to ask for refund and I will get it back to them in a timely manor -- please remember vouchers go active 30 days purchased never expire and can be split int o smaller order lots.

I am getting ready to do a complete restock as I am wiped out -- new molds are being made to improve flow and all is going into getting existing product into production so new product can be started.

I am willing to work with brick and mortar stores offering 40% trade terms and free shipping on initial order.
I am willing to work with non brick and mortar venders as well but discount is less.

Again Thank You to all that have purchased from me these last couple months esp the vouchers and pre-orders.

If you would like to cancel a voucher or pre-order you may do so at any time just email me.