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Micro Art Studios previews new greens for Wolsung

Micro Art Studios posts up some new greens for Wolsung, their Steampunk miniature game.

From their preview:

Zachary Fiercebatten III is a grandson of well-known and decorated war veteran Sir Zachary Fiercebatten. Unlike his grandfather, Zach is slightly less… capable. This does not stop him from enjoying a life of hunting game and boasting about it. His family’s great wealth allows him to run great “before hunting expedition” and “after hunting expedition” parties, which can drag on up to a fortnight and take place in up to a dozen different family estates. Zach loves his Basset dogs and believes them to be the greatest and bravest hunting hounds, with tracking abilities second to none. He always makes sure to bring the largest and newest gun and the best beverages to a hunt.

In game terms, Zachary Fiercebatten III has the biggest gun, capable of felling the toughest foes, but mediocre firing skills at best. He benefits from Abhinav Singh spotting the same target (and undoubtedly shouting “A beautiful shot young master!”). His hounds are great at sniffing out these pesky Hidden in the Crowd Triads members.