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Micro Art Studio releases new World of Wolsung Miniatures

Micro Art Studios have released new models for the World of Wolsung Steam Pulp Fantasy Roleplaying game.

From their website:
We are proudly presenting you the new models based on the world of Wolsung – the Steam Pulp Fantasy roleplaying game, and designed for Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game, which we are currently working on. The game will introduce three competing clubs: the Ash and Oak – a place for the richest, wealthiest and most adventurous ladies and gentleman on the planet; the Eccentric Scientists Club – technology freaks and home of the strangest inventions, and The Triad of the Lotus Dragon – the mysterious orkish organisation from the far east.

Today's additions include Master Xen Jidao, Ata Kijao - the Orc Kunoichi, and minor members of the Triad: Fishermen and Traders. They are followed by an Eccentric Scientist Snorri Rottstein on his golemic flea. Enjoy!