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Micro Art Studio releases new Block of Flats terrain

Micro Art Studio has a new block of flats available to liven up your tabletop.

From the announcement:

This model is delivered as a pack, unassembled and unpainted.
The parts of the model are designed to slot together in a way that enables a quick and
easy assembly. It may be necessary to glue some parts of the model - use PVA (white) glue.
Every model is cut from one or more panels of HDF (high-density fiberboard) of 3mm thickness and cardboard.
In the package you will find 6 HDF boards and 2 cardboards.
The windows shutters may be taken out. The same thing applies to door in the building.

Set contains 2 storeys.
Length of the building 20 cm /8 inches
Width of the building 11cm / 4 inches
Height of single floor 7,8 cm/ 3 inches
Overall height 16,5 cm/ 6,5 inches