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Micro Art Studio previews a terrain pledge level for Wolsung SSG

Micro Art Studio is showing off one of the upcoming pledge levels for the Wolsung SSG Kickstarter that focuses on the terrain sets that will be available.



From the post:

First of all this weekend you can expect the start of our kickstarter

By the way we wanted to share with you a small preview of one of our terrain pledges.
Pledge Downtown 230$
2x XIX Century Block of Flats
3x XIX Century Walkway
2x XIX Century Walls
1 x Ware Piles Set

The HDF board is not included, it's just for photo purposes. I'm sure that you will ask why It's to heavy! This boards are extremely heavy and the shipping costs would be tremendous

But we will be offering our awesome gaming mats as an add-on for 38 $ ( Gaming mats are made out of a materiel similar to that of a mousepad. No major wrinkles if loosely folded not rolled and it levels itself once spread.)

The area covered in the picture is 100x100cm