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Micro Art release new rubber moulds

Micro Art Studio have added four new rubber moulds to their online store. Each is available for €18.45. Rubber Moulds Armour Skull From their website:
We're releasing new rubber moulds. We know that this ones were not the most requested (We're still trying to design good looking chainmail mould but We think that for every one who wants to have customised terminators it will be a nice addition. Also I want to say that due to the holiday season We're not able to make immediately tutorials about this product line. But after the Summer I try to make my best to prepare for you photo tutorials: How to use our moulds in the most efficient way This moulds were prepared to enable easy customization of your miniatures shoulder pads and leg guards (especially for terminators). But you can use those ornaments on any surface. The ornament surface on shoulder pad module is approx. 1,8cm x 1,28cm The ornament surface on leg guards module is approx. 1,9cm x 1,6cm