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Micro Art release hardfoam Generator terrain piece

Micro Art Studio have released a new hardfoam and resin Generator terrain piece.

From their website:
New product in our hardfoam terrain line - Generator

The set consists of 2 foam parts which need to be assembled and one resin part.

Assembled foam Generator:
  • Length: 9 cm / 3,5 inch

  • Width: 21 cm / 8,5 inch

  • Height: 11 cm / 4,5 inch

Resin module:
  • Length: 6cm / 2,5 inch

  • Width: 7,5 cm / 3 inch

  • Height: 4cm/ 1,5

This model is made from high quality structure Hardfoam. Hardfoam is lightweight, durable and easy to cut with a knife or fretsaw.