Micro Art preview Stalker tank

Micro Art Studio have posted preview photos of their upcoming 28mm Iron Brotherhood Stalker tank.


From their website:

We’re extremely proud to present you the new Hortwerths work: Iron Brotherhoods Stalker MK1

The main purpose of Stalker is to transport brotherhood infantry squads, but you can also use it as a light tank.

The pre-order date of this mini is planned on early March or even on the end of February. The same pre-order date applies to the long-awaited infantry model that stands next to the Stalker. This is a prototype. The mini will be produced out of resin.

The Stalker MK1 which goes into production will be a little bit changed. The mini will look very similar to this one shown on the photos, beside that the “brotherhood transport mode” will be not included in the standard version of the tank. Later there will be an option to buy it as an add-on.