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Micro Art Infinity Bases Review

Brueckenkopf Online unboxes and reviews the recently released Micro Art Studio Urban / Infinity Base sets.

From their website:

Micro Art Studio has secured the license to Infinity and now offers in addition to buildings and bases.

The Urban Base sets are available in sizes 25, 40 and 60mm and in the more suitable for Warhammer 40,000 bikers Base and Oval Base format. With the exception of the base ellipse, we have all the variants.

The backs of the bases are sanded off, so this does not wobble.With the bases is mainly positive, that they are not as cluttered as other designs, so it is better possible to place thumbnails on it.There are many small details on the bases, such as newspapers or soda cans, but also the typical design elements of Infinity.

With the larger bases are partly damaged vehicles or equipment, as seen here on the 40mm and 60mm bases.The resin used is medium gray, with the exception of the 60mm bases, which are slightly darker.The casting quality is excellent. There are very few and small vesicles and no false casting. The edges are cleanly cast.An overview of the costs

25mm 5 for 4.92 EUR
40mm 2 pieces for 4.92 EUR
60mm one piece for 4.92 EUR
Bike 4 pieces for 7.38 EUR
Ellipse 1 piece for 14.76 EUR
Micro Art Studio is so price is definitely in the top third of the base provider.

The Micro Art Studio Bases for Infinity are almost obligatory for the splendid miniatures made ??by Corvus Belli. The prices are quite high, but they offer a suitable quality and fall in the small number of items in which they are required for Infinity no longer as significant. But who wants to equip a mass army should plan an appropriate budget.

It was a clever train from Micro Art Studio secure the license and to award to the successful Bases of Corvus Belli also a good decision, the license to the Polish company. Therefore, one of us a strong buy recommendation for this Urban Bases!

Brueckenkopf-Online Review