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Miciosegone Games Releases Cats Pow Card Game

I don't own a cat, but a good majority of my friends seemingly do. As such, when I go to their place, I often get to watch the cats playing (or pretending not to play, if they notice that I've seen them). In houses with multiple cats, they'll often be rather possessive of certain toys, wanting the toys for themselves. Well, that's just what you get to reenact in Cats Pow, a new card game from Miciosegone Games.

Players are looking to collect the toys worth the most points. To do this, the toy cards are laid out on the table. Then, on the count of 5, everyone reaches out for the toys. Players place their fingers on the toys they want. Who gets the toy is determined by who has the most fingers (meant to be cats claws in the game) on the toy. After each round, a new set of toys is placed and you all go grabbing again.