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MH-71 Tacit Spectre paper miniature available from Finger and Toe

Finger and Toe has released a new paper miniature. This one's the MH-71 Tactic Spectre.


From the release:

The 28mm MH-71 Tacit Spectre stealth helicopter can be used as an active vehicle, an objective, or just as cover in your skirmish games. At $2.00 the MH-71 is priced to give you value for your hard-earned money.

The MH-71 Tacit Spectre can be built with an optional interior and exit ramp and with a flying stand for moving the helicopter across your battlefields. The MH-71 is about 9" long. The rear compartment is about 2.5" long and could carry a squad of ten. The flying stand lifts the MH-71 3" off the table top.