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Metahumans Rising RPG On Kickstarter Now

Superheroes are pretty popular right now. The various movie franchises are drawing in new fans all the time. Some of those fans are getting deeper into the genre and getting into the comic books and other aspects of "geek culture." Some of that might extend to wanting to play superhero-themed characters in an RPG. Well, Metahumans Rising by HouseDok, which is up on Kickstarter now, is one way you could get that going.

Metahumans Rising uses an Open Action System that you can create just about any hero you could think of. Whether they're mutants, or aliens, or altered humans, or technological savants, or they're masters of the arcane arts, or whatever you can come up with, there's a way for that character to be yours.

But how did this come to be? During WWI, the Germans released the Kaiser Box chemical agent. This attempt at a new weapon actually ended up being what caused various Metahumans to come into being. Now, it's estimated that there are around 700 of these super-powerful characters running around on the Earth. Some are looking to conquer and destroy. Others just want peace and prosperity. Which side of the line will you fall on?

The campaign is still looking to really get off the ground, but there's still 24 days left to go in order to make it to their base funding goal.