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Meridian Miniatures updates Tooth & Sword with new preview

Meridian Miniatures is showing off the 3rd Neutral for their Tooth & Sword Kickstarter campaign.
Plus, they have news about possibly adding them to the base goal for the campaign.

Neutrals 3


From the campaign:

Yesterday's bunny went down well and just as it seems KS is suddenly short of chibi bunnies...

Today we have the Pug fighter! A real asset to any adventuring party that might roam in dangerous woods and ruins!

Now, the tentative news I have is that I will be giving the moulding company a call tomorrow and having a chat about changing the mould configuration to let me unlock the neutrals whilst still remaining viable within the £3000 goal. I posted the masters off to them "next day" today so they can look the options over (they already have the Good Guys). If it works out I will be adding new pledge levels so that you can all get the full set should you want them.

so, more to come tomorrow.