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Meridian Miniatures unveil Steam and Aether setting

Meridian Miniatures is showing off their new Steam and Aether setting, a different take on the traditional Victorian Steampunk, that will be used as the basis for a new minis game.


From the post:

Over the last few months I've been musing over and planning out the background story and game world for my "Steam and Aether" project. To compliment the miniatures that I have sculpted I wanted to create a new setting, separate from traditional Victorian Scifi and still different from the newer and established steampunk settings. So with the the concepts and story all set out I decided to approach a professional writer to coalesce my imaginings into a solid backstory. Mark Latham has done a marvellous job for translating my ideas, approaching the subject matter with great enthusiasm.

I'll be publishing the backstory over the next week on my blog starting from Tuesday 15th. I hope everyone that decides to follow it enjoys what we have created. The next stage is the continued development and play testing of the Steam and Aether ruleset, if you want to stay abreast of what I've got coming then please follow the blog and I'll keep you all updated.

Many thanks
Andrew May