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Meridian Miniatures launches Website

Meridian Miniatures has a website of their very own to call home. For those of you that are averse to Facebook (I know there are a few of my readers that don't like it), you can now check out their miniatures. They've got their Steam & Aether and Tooth & Sword sets up to check out. Terramortis will be coming soon.


From them to you:

Meridian Miniatures is an independant miniatures design studio run by sculptor Andrew May, based in rural Somerset, England.

Currently we have three in-house ranges under development:

-Steam & Aether - an Aether-tech infused steampunk vision of post-apocalyptic Napoleonic Europe.
-Tooth & Sword - a range of chibi styled anthromorphic adventurers on classical fantasy imagery.
-Terramortis - a dark science-fantasy world ravaged by eternal war.

The majority of the miniatures are sculpted, by hand, by Andrew May and reproduced in metal or resin, scaled to 28mm for gamers, painters and collectors.

We collaborate with artists such as Des Hanley, Paul Gallagher, Honoel A. Ibardolaza and to bring these unique and distinct imaginary worlds to life and your tabletop.