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Meridian Miniatures launches Tooth & Sword Kickstarter

Meridian Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Tooth & Sword, their new chibi line of anthropomorphic animals.

tooth and Sword


From the campaign:

With my new line of "Tooth & Sword" Chibi adventure miniatures I'm seeking to expand what Meridian Miniatures will have to offer the gaming community. I've had a lot of fun learning to sculpt in this style, it providing a perfect counterpoint to my "Steam & Aether" range in both technique and mood. I've have a great deal of enjoyment developing this menagerie of adventuring animals and now the time has come to unleash them. I've sought to cover a fairly wide spectrum of adventuring classes and animal species, something that proved quite challenging when I came to combining the two factors! The first eight figures that I'd like to make available are very loosely grouped as "lawful" and well, less than lawful but they needn't be played that way by RPGers or wargamers! These fun looking figures should inspire imaginative players to create their own player characters and fantasy skirmishers alike. With several companies now producing figures in the Chibi style I feel that players have the opportunity to create their own immersive game play with a wide range of figures. With this in mind I've set out to bring my own unique animal adventurers to life, they can easily slot into place in your favourite fantasy world and will become part of my own "Tooth & Sword" players resource setting. I've come to Kickstarter as I've built up quite a range of characters to produce and need to raise funds to cover the moulding costs, artwork and game resource development. With your funding I can get the figures into production and onto your tabletop quickly and in one wave rather than in dribs and drabs over a year or more. Should the figures prove highly successful I'll be able to produce even more goodies to say thanks to you all.