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Meridian Miniatures adds accessories to Kickstarter project

Meridian Miniatures gives you more options in their Steampunk Kickstarter with their new accessory sprue they're showing off.

From the update:

Hi everyone, I've put together an accessory sprue as an add on. Just treat it as the same as a head sprue add on, and let me know that it's what you want on the survey after the campaign.

From left to right we have: pouch, water bottle, harpoon gun, neutral arms (L/R), open hand for rifle (the fingers are staggered at an angle not jumbo!), rifle arm (fits open hand or cut away gun for conversions), flask, spade, pouch, rifle (no strap), rifle in hand.

I'll be posting more pictures and updates through the week, with the reorganised and unlocked stretch goals on Wednesday.