MERCS USCR and FCC faction pre-orders begin today

MERCS Miniatures will begin taking pre-orders for figures from their USCR and FCC factions tonight.

USCR faction

From their website:

I’m very excited to let you all know that we will begin taking pre-orders tomorrow evening at around 6pm EST on our new store page. Both the USCR and FCC factions will be available for purchase. Here are some quick image grabs I took at my office today. Pardon my dirty fingers in the shot

The USCR was sculpted by Bobby Jackson
The FCC was sculpted by Tom Mason

The figures themselves will be in next Wednesday, July 28th. All orders will be sent out between the 28th and 30th. There will be a USCR squad deal. There will not be a FCC squad deal because the assault trooper + mod pack is being sculpted in our booth at Gen Con by Tom.