MERCS status update

MERCS Miniatures have posted an update on the company and their release schedule.

From their website:

Wow have we been busy. Take a deep breath and read them all in one go … We’re advancing steadily towards a USCR launch, with FCC quickly on their heels.

We are meeting with our card producer tomorrow to finalize the deal and begin the printing process for the cards. U.S. Male has been tearing apart my rule book text so it is all smooth and purty. I believe we are through 6 chapters, but I am behind schedule by a week and a half.

Keith has been busting out art for the rule book so we can start layout when I incorporate all of the U.S. Male’s comments. He also has been filling his sleeping hours with terrain card art.

We have been assigned our GENCON booth; we’re pretty pleased with the location. All 7 of our GENCON events are approved. When we are given the go ahead we will post them and our booth number and location.

Check out their message board for full details.