MERCS rulebook preview

MERCS Miniatures have posted photos of their new rules that will be available for sale to view at Gen Con.

From their website:

Those of you coming to Gen Con will be in for a treat . . . we just received samples of our rulebook. We have a couple samples in the softcover and a couple samples in the hard cover.  It is 176 pages. Has some fiction, a lot of lore, 60 pages of game rules, 5 scenarios, FAQ, some art, some behind the scenes stuff . . . lots of fun. Very excited to put this in people’s faces.

We will still be doing a pdf of the rules. We will cut it down to only be the rules however. It will be pretty inexpensive to purchase. We are working on the logistics of it now.

Update: the rules won’t be available for sale at Gen Con. My apologies for the mix-up.