MERCS now available through Warpath

MERCS Miniatures are now available from Warpath Games.

From their announcement:

We are proud to announce that Warpath Distribution has agreed to distribute MERCS miniatures and *ahem* future products. Warpath currently supplies “a network of over 300 retail shops. Most are in the USA, some in Canada and some worldwide. [They] also have a partnership with distributors based in Germany and Australia, who also have networks of stores in their own area.” We are very excited about what this could mean for MERCS, but realize we have more work than ever.

We’ve been working for the better part of 3 weeks to get prepared, and we finally gave them the go ahead to solicit orders for the CCC and KemVar today. It is a small but very significant step in making sure more people become aware of what you already know–MERCS is the future. Or in Keith’s own words, the bomb-dig.

So visit your local gaming store, ask them if they deal with Warpath. If they do, tell them to order some MERCS. If they don’t, tell them to call Warpath, and then tell them to order some MERCS. You are our voice to your community. Be passionate.