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MERCS CCC Demolition miniature green updated

MERCS Miniatures have updated the green for the CCC Demolitions miniature. From their website:
Thanks to everyone for all your comments (whether or not they were pro cloak ) I didn't ditch the cloak altogether as I still think it has merit in the design but pixelgeek's suggestion of doing more of a keffiyeh scarf is a great compromise. It also gave didn't cover up as much of the minis back allowing more of the kit to show. Part of my thoughts with allowing this figure to be a bit more unique than the other CCC's was the fact that the demo is the most independent of the group (having the Heroic +1 bonus for being away from his other squad mates). Finally, I redid the helmet (thought it was to plain for the CCC). However if you still would prefer to use a different head, the helmet will be a separate piece so you can use any MERCS head you like.