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MERCS accessory announcements

MERCS Miniatures have announced two new upcoming accessories for the MERCS sci-fi skirmish game. From their announcement:
MERCS is proud to announce that we are partnering with Battle Foam to produce a MERCS bag. Preliminary discussions have led to the development of a very exciting, unique product that fits into MERCS overall goal and aesthetic. We'll share more on this product soon. MERCS is equally proud to announce that we are partnering with Gale Force Nine to produce licensed MERCS counters and the much sought after MERCS maps. Gale Force Nine's ability to deliver the maps at the quality we require with a cost that makes sense is truly what we had been looking for. We are very excited to get these products into the hands of our ever-growing fan base. Keith and I are in the process now of polishing up the counters to make sure they are look and function exactly how we want. Next week, we will tweak the maps to be more functional. Beyond the 2D maps we have, the open 2D maps that players can use as a foundation for 3D terrain will also be available. While Battle Foam and GF9 will distribute these products through their own channels, we have also arranged pricing and availability for our own web store and any conventions we attend. More announcements, pictures, descriptions, and news coming soon.