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Mercenary Scum: 17th Century Skirmish Scenarios at Saber's Edge

Mercenary Scum: 17th Century Skirmish ScenariosSaber's Edge is now selling PDF copies of the Mercenary Scum scenario pack for the Escalade rules. From their announcement: Saber's Edge is pleased to offer Stephen Danes' Mercenary Scum: 17th Century Skirmish Scenarios supplement for Escalade. Mercenary Scum is a wargame supplement designed to be used with Escalade, the skirmish rules for the seventeenth century. Six scenarios are included: Scenario One: Contributions, a scenario of slash and burn tactics involving a collection of devious and untrustworthy characters - and the enemy aren’t too nice either! Scenario Two: The Peasants are Revolting, a desperate battle to survive between fleeing soldiers and murderous bands of peasants. Can heroics save the day or will it be better to run, run, RUN! Scenario Three: Rescue Rupert, a game of suspicious guards, tough mercenaries and rebel fanatics and a daring attempt to free Prince Rupert from the dastardly clutches of the Emperor. Scenario Four: Assault on Bastion 13, an intense and bloody assault on a well-entrenched enemy. Choose your weapons: mortars, grenades, snipers? Can you be the first hero to breach the enemies defences? Scenario Five: Escalade, a frantic attempt to break out from the stranglehold of the enemies siege-lines. Will our heroes manage to escape before the enemy (industriously slaughtering civilians) can assemble to foil their escape? Scenario Six: Bandit Country, valuable supplies must get through to beleaguered troops, even if this means moving the wagons through this dark and ominously silent wood. But wait a moment, what’s that blocking the path up ahead, a fallen tree? Did that tree just fall down, is that the glint of a gun-barrel poking through the trees? The horses are getting nervous! Are the enemy about to attack... $5.00 USD PDF (A4)