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Mercenary Packs Added To Star Saga Kickstarter

The universe of Warpath is wide, filled with all sorts of colorful characters out to make their own name and be their own boss. These mercenaries add a lot of color to the setting and have been a big part of it since its inception. Well, Star Saga should be no different. As such, Mantic has created several add-on packs of Mercenaries for their Star Saga Kickstarter campaign.

These sets let you add a whole group of new characters to your Star Saga games. But maybe you've already got a bunch of these models by having picked them up for Warpath or Deadzone. Mantic has you covered there, too, by giving you a cards-only option where you can just use the figures you already have, but get the rules and stat cards needed to use them in Star Saga.

The Kickstarter campaign rolls along. They're just over 2x funded with still 16 days left to make it through even more stretch goals.