Mercenary Contracts for Warmachine Mk II

Privateer Press have posted a downloadable PDF with new rules for Mercenary Contracts using the Warmachine Mk II book.

From their website:

2010 is the year of Warmachine and Hordes Mk II. The recent worldwide release of Warmachine Prime Mk II has had a remarkable reception, and the Resurgence release event is just around the corner. In light of the Resurgence format, Privateer Press is proud to provide a preview of the Warmachine Mk II Mercenary contract rules required to play Mercenaries in armies of their own.

Note that the former Mercenary contract known as Magnus’ Agenda is a theme force rather than a contract in the Mk II system. All contracts with access to two or more warcasters in a single army list remain contracts, but as a contract with just one warcaster, Magnus theme forces now replace the Magnus Agenda.