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Mercenary Add-Ons Come to Rum & Bones

CoolMiniOrNot knows that a good gamer, like a good pirate, likes to have options. So why not give gamers new options that are pirates? They've added their Mercenary Heroes Pack #1 to their Rum & Bones Kickstarter campaign. With this pack, you can add Captain Sarah Kale from the South Pacific, Swashbuckler Sinbad (the pirate, not the comedian), and Quartermaster Sir Alexander.
There's still 12 days left in the campaign, but don't let it get lost in the holiday shuffle. Go check it out.


From the campaign:

It's Monday, dear backers, and we have some new faces joining us today.

Captain Sarah Kale brings some muscle to any crew she joins! Whereas many Captains prefer the "lead from behind" method of fighting, Sarah is right up there in the fight! Need to clear a wave to let everyone push? The Blundernator is your answer! Want to punish Heroes who get too close to her? Powderkeg them!

Want a crew that is focused on straight up killin' and lootin'? Captain Kale would be a fine head for that crew with her assortment of mass-KO'ing abilities and enemy crippling powers!

The legendary Sinbad is up for hire! This Swashbuckler utilizes hit-and-run tactics to always get where he needs to be. The utility of Seven Seas Strike means that Sinbad can rig over to an enemy ship, unleash the hurt, and then make a quick getaway! Failing that, he can always throw down a barrage of 1001 Arabian Knives, potentially throwing up to sixteen dice at a single zone! Ouch!

Of course, Sinbad has slightly lower HP than most Swashbucklers, but this is countered by his ability to prevent damage via Fortune and Fate! Managing the amount of Coin on Sinbad, and just what you'll use it on (offense or defense) is the key to getting the most out of this legendary Hero!

Why put yourself in harms way when you can have others do it for you? That is the creed of Sir Alexander, as shown by the fact he is our first Hero to have... Well, absolutely no attacks to speak of. Instead opting to allow his crew to do the hard work, Alexander of course is first to claim the glory (and Coin) from their efforts!

Want a crew that focuses on pushing waves and waves of Deckhands and Bosuns across the board? Sir Alexander does that in spades. Nothing is quite as nasty as seeing a horde of Deckhands suddenly begin hitting on a 3+ due to a Bosun appearing (via Show Them How It's Done!) and then potentially having that horde activate up to two additional times (Try Harder, You Fools!). Alexander may not be much of a fighter himself, but it's hard to argue with his results...

*Please note that all miniatures come UNPAINTED. The painted versions above merely showcase what a skilled painter could accomplish with them.

To add this pack, simply add $15 to your pledge and it will all be sorted out once we release our Pledge Manager :)