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Menhir Games running Fantasy Champions miniatures Kickstarter

Menhir Games launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new line of Fantasy Champion miniatures, with themes taken from ancient cultures from all over the world.

Fantasy Champions


From the campaign:

This campaign's minimum funding goal of $4000 will be used to produce 4 heroes in white metal (pewter) for 28mm -non heroic- scale wargaming. Accompanying the main goal, there are 8 more potential heroes to be produced as stretch goals plus an extra 13th exclusive miniature that will be free for all of the pledges levels.

The miniatures will come with 25mm round AND square metal bases specially designed for these miniatures, or to use with other characters. They have a small area in which you can write the name of your character and exalt them to that hero level! Update #1: Backers can now choose from a 25mm round base OR a 30mm round base, along with the 25mm square base as usual.

The entire line consists of 22 heroes who will be produced over time. All of them are part of Menhir Game's fantasy world background in which further miniatures and rules for wargaming as well as detailed settings for RPG games, will be released.