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Menacing Minatures Releases Orbital Space Harbor for Space Combat Gamers

Menacing Minatures posts now in production is an Orbital Ship Harbor with Terminal Hub:

From their website:

Designed to be modular allowing gamers to assemble in any size and any configuration suited to the needs of the game outline.At the center of the harbor is a Terminal / outpost , which can be played in numerous fashions. It can serve as a military installation,supply outpost,space station command, its entirerly up to the gamer. Also this kit includes docking slips for ships similar in size to BSG fleet and docking slips for smaller civilian or small military vessels. The slips themselves can be altered to adjust for size by cutting in the middle and spreading the docking arms to adjust to your ships width. Other modular pieces that come with the kit are Power Plant /Fuel Depot , dry dock for long term repairs and structual beams . 20 pieces in all make up this huge resin kit that spans over 24 inches in length , and were not stopping there more and more types of modular add ons will become available throughout the year for gamers to increase the size of there harbor or create second and third ones. All the components can also be bought seperately to fill the needs of certain objective based scenarios or just to dock up ships at a central point on the board.The 20 piece is $30.00 plus $5.00 sh in the usa($14.00 shipping international)Modular prices are still being posted to our site, if interested contact us by email and we can send you pics and prices.