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Men of Honor, a new minis skirmish game of cops and robbers

Men of Honor is a new miniatures skirmish game that takes place in the first few decades of the 20th century in America.
Makes me want to watch The Sting again.

Men of Honor


From the website:

Men of Honor is a new generation skirmish wargame, a new 28mm miniatures game for 2 or more players controlling 2 factions that fight for the control of the city.

The modular game board allows to quickly set up the playing field in an exact and proportionate scale.

Measuring 90 x 90 cm (36 x 36”), it reproduces a part of a hypothetic north american city, with stores, shops, buildings, banks and much more.

In the box you will find 8 wonderful metal miniatures, so you can start immediately to play your first games in the fascinating Gangsters’ world!