Memorial Day Sale at GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft Miniatures is having a Memorial Day sale.

From their announcement:

Memorial Day is a day for us all to stop and remember those that have given their lives in active duty. As a US Army veteran myself, this holiday has special meaning to me. Memorial Day has also become a “sale day” here in America, so just in case you are not heading out tomorrow to buy a new mattress or big screen TV I decided to offer a discount to all of my valued customers on this day.

15% will be taken off the price of anything and everything you purchase from our online store on Memorial Day (actually starting tonight), do don’t miss this opportunity save some cash and get some cool goodies.

And don’t forget what this holiday is really about and remember those that have given their lives for our country. We all play war games but I think we all understand that war is serious business and unfortunately not all the participants come home when it’s over.