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Memoir '44 Online beta 16 released

Days of Wonder have posted a new beta of the Memoir '44 Online boardgame. From their website:
The most visible improvement for those who have purchased a Captain Pack or Major Pack will be the Expert mode, introduced in this beta. The purpose of the Expert mode is to let you let you play any scenario ever designed for Memoir '44 that we haven't had a chance to code the rules for yet! Eventually, this will also come to include any scenario you may have designed yourself using the Scenario Editor and that you decide you may want to make playable in Expert mode. For this first beta release, we have voluntarily restrained the number of scenarios playable in Expert mode; the scenarios offered should nonetheless give you a good feel for how things work in this part of the game. The Expert mode is, in some ways, the closest way to mimic playing the actual board game. Rules are not enforced by the computer. Instead, you need to know them. In addition, all manipulations are done by hand, rather than automatically for you.
Check out their website for full details.