Mekawing Z, a new mech game

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May 16th, 2014

Meme Studios has a new mech game, Mekawing Z, that they’re showing off.
One small note: It’s all in Spanish so far.

Mekawing Z


From the site:

Venezuelan-based Meme Studios just released the Starter Pack for their second edition Mekawing Z game. This pack includes everything 2 players need to build their wings, and even more mechs and equipment to keep playing afterwards.

Mekawing Z is the second edition of the Mekawing Card/Miniature game were players take the role of wing commanders in a Post-Exodus space-bound Humanity, where Corpnations send scientific expedition back to Earth to investigate the unnatural energy that is regenerating the planet’s ecosphere after centuries of human destruction.

Mekawing Z will soon have available the whole range of mech included in its Starter Pack.

This Starter Pack is only available in Spanish, English version coming soon!

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