MegaMinis offering classic Werner Klocke figures

MegaMinis is once again offering several classic Werner Klocke figures originally sold by Hobby Products.

From their announcement:

These were some of the first professionally sculpted 25mm miniatures by Werner Klocke in 1994. Originally produced by Hobby Products (Metal Magic) we purchased most of their Fantasy molds back in 2002. We were selling them on our website over five years ago for a limited time and then forgot about them when we moved to our new location.

They can be found exclusively for sale at where you have TWO options to purchase them. Purchase them at either our ebay store or new traditional online store (bugs fixed this week). We offer them at $1.43 each at our traditional online store because we save money on final auction fees at our ebay store and can pass the savings onto you.

  • DEAL-0105 Werner Klocke Female Thief $1.50
  • DEAL-0106 Werner Klocke Female Fighter $1.50
  • DEAL-0107 Werner Klocke Female Prowler $1.50
  • DEAL-0108 Werner Klocke Female Assassin $1.50
  • DEAL-0800 Werner Klocke Female Mage $1.50

Note: our new online store has the option for customers to purchase our entire range of figures using Check or Money Order with everything 5% cheaper than our auction store.

After an error in the shopping cart feature has been fixed, we have re-launched our online store.
The prices on the products in this store already reflect the 5% discount off of suggested retail.