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Megalith Games updates their Godslayer Kickstarter project

Godslayer, from Megalith Games, is right about halfway to their funding goal with still a lot of time left on the clock. To help things along, several gameplay and faction videos have been posted. Here's a sample one talking about the Halodynes:

From the campaign:

All right, so for those of you that are unhappy with the Shirt and the Feldherr case, we have added two more pledge levels.

The first one is called CENTURIA COMMANDER and is basically the COHORT COMMANDER reward without the shirt and the Feldherr case for 110£.
The second one is called WARHOST PRINCE and is the no shirt, no Feldherr case version of the WARHOST KING reward for 160£.

Please note that there´s just a small difference of 15£, that´s because I already tried to explain that the shirt and the case are basically a gift... we cannot reduce the prices any more on that, so I hope you understand us.

Ok, one more thing: we had to change the COHORT COMMANDER optional to be available from the CENTURIA COMMANDER optional onwards.
Ah, and the faction review video of the HALODYNES has been added!