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Megalith Games unleashes the Reaver Runts

Megalith Games is showing off renders for their Reaver Runts minis they're working on.


From the preview:

Gnolls constitute the third subfaction of the Troglodytes in Megalith's game - Godslayer.

This tabeltop game is set in an exotic sword-and-sorcery world of blood and bronze.

Gnolls are boisterous, manic and disorganized creatures, relying on numbers and speed for survival; behaving with brutality when they outnumber their foe, but in smaller groups they are more likely to flee.

Just above the lowest rung in the ladder of Gnoll society are the hunters, herders and scavengers. When battle looms, these “troops” are hurriedly armed with sharpened sticks and bestowed the title Reaver Runts as if that somehow makes them soldiers.