Megalith Games unleashes 3 Godslayer Wyldfolk Faction Releases

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Sep 3rd, 2013

Megalith Games has some new Godslayer releases for you. They’ve got some Wyldfolk as well as the Ogham Megalith.

From the announcement:

On top of the Ogham Megalith (released at the weekend), here comes a new Warlord and new unit for Godslayer’s Wydfolk faction.

The Wyldfolk Faction represents the wild, nature-loving, tribes of the West, inspired by ancient Celtic cultures.

The Farfarer warlord and the Scabhta Hunters unit are members of the Wyldfolk’s Fiannor sub-faction – nomadic herders and hunters of the prairies, heath-lands and moors.

Both are exceedingly lethal with their favored weapon – the longbow – and are in fact the best shooters in the game to date. Enemies of the Wyldfolk beware!

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  • Gabbi

    Wich base size is the Megalith on?
    It could be a nice objective or flag for Circle Orboros (Hordes).

    • cybogoblin

      It comes on a 50mm base.

      Also, is it just me, or are the faces on the Hunters (particularly the Troopers) not up to Megalith’s usual standard? They seem a lot less realistic than those of the Bladeslingers or the Bard.

      • Gabbi

        thank you 🙂