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Megalith Games Releases Resculpted Wyldfolk, Creates Faction Deal

The process to create models for a game is a long and complex one, with artists, sculptors, and producers going back and forth on designs until everything is juuuuuuust right... Or, at least, just right for the time. We've all looked back at older models from companies and gone, "Man, look how far they've come since then." Well, Megalith Games is taking a look back at some of their older models and giving them resculpts. In this case, it's the Wyrdfolk. They've resculpted and released the new starter set, as well as started running a deal to pick up the whole faction.

From the announcement:

In preparation for their huge Godslayer wave-2 Kickstarter, Megalith have re-sculpted their weaker minis from Wave-1, including the entire Wyldfolk starter-box.

I think you will agree the extra effort seems worth it, because these minis look exactly as they should - fantasy-Celts.

In addition to releasing the re-sculpted starter-box and Pendragon Warlord, Megalith have gone all the way, releasing a huge faction deal for Wyldfolk, which includes every model of that faction from wave-1.