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Megalith Games Releases New Ursapine For Godslayer

Sometimes an old sculpt fora mini doesn't quite cut it anymore. New artists are hired, or older artists' craft gets better. Maybe something about the original made it difficult to mold. Or maybe just the old version got "stale." Whatever the reason, resculpts happen. Megalith Games is going through their old Godslayer figures and updating some of them. One such is the Ursapine, which is available now.

From the announcement:

New mutant madness stalks the hills as the Ursapine hits the shelves.

this twisted creature is a combination of bear and porcupine, with a temper meaner than both.

This is Megalith's re-sculpted Ursapine as they are going through all their wave-1 minis and making a few re-sculpts before the release of Wave-2 of Godslayer.