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Megalith Games Releases New Mortans for Godslayer

Megalith Games expands their Godslayer line with some new Mortans.
Makes me want to watch Jason and the Argonots.


From the release:

Victory through death is the motto of the Legio Mortum, the doomed undead Legionnaires of the Mortan Empire.

Legions which have dishonored themselves are stripped of their colors and ritually executed, then reanimated. In undeath the fallen have a chance to redeem their legion's honor.

Individually they represent a tenacious annoyance, and in large numbers the Legio Mortum is a horrifying threat.
That is because these undead troops suffer half damage and have ability which restore all of their lost life-points to full at the end of the round for any models not completely destroyed!

Meanwhile the Mortifex warlord is adding new members to their ranks and boosting them with powerful magic.

Able to blast foes, enhance undead troops or even buff living models, the Mortifex is a versatile warlord not restricted to undead warbands.