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Megalith Games previews Pendragon of the Wyldfolk

Megalith Games continues their Godslayer previews with the Wyldfolk leader known as a Pendragon.

From the preview:

Leading each village of Tribal Wyldfolk is a Pendragon.

Although an accomplished warrior, the Pendragon's primary role during battle is to coordinate his troops, for an Annyr force is an organism composed of disparate elements and must be guided with finesse.

Timing, deployment and cooperation are more important to a Wyldfolk warband than for most of their enemies.

The Pendragon's abilities include the deploying of a hidden unit secretly on the battlefield, and boosting the combat effectiveness of his troops.

Due to his medium armor value he should not be thrown into every melee, but because of his high defense and excellent combat skills he easily earns his points when used judiciously.

This together with his option to take magic bows means he is a versatile all-rounder.