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Megalith Games Previews Nordgaard Viking Huskarls For Godslayer

So you're a settlement on the English coastline. Things are going fine until, one day, you see ships on the horizon. Viking longships. And you're like, "oh, this is bad." And then you realize that those ships are getting bigger and bigger and bigger as they're getting closer and you're like, "Oh, this is really bad." And then the ships land and viking ogres get off the boats and you're like, "well, there goes my day..." That's what Megalith Games is previewing for Godslayer, viking ogre warriors.

I love Vikings, and what could be better than a ferocious viking warrior?
Answer - A viking Ogre warrior!

Standing 50mm tall and sporting tons of fine detail, these are the latest Noordgard factionminis for the coming Godslayer Kickstarter scheduled for September.