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Megalith Games Previews Mortan Reinforcements

Megalith Games is previewing the next release for Godslayer with a look at the Carnifexers.


From the preview:

Godslayer - Praetorians

They come, they see, they conquer. They are the Carnifexers - elite Praetorians of the Mortan Legions.

These reinforcements will be the next unit to be released for the Mortans faction (following the heels of the Legio Mortum that#s planned to be released within the next 1-2 weeks).

Armed with POW 6 Halberds and encased in ARM 8 armor, these heavy infantry have both serious hitting power and staying power.

Designed to take on the tougher enemies of the Empire, the Carnifexers can cut through heavily armoured foes and monsters with ease.

Coming soon to a battlefield near you!