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Megalith Games previews Fallow Shaman WIP

Megalith Games concludes today's previews with the Fallow Shaman WIP.

From the preview:

As we prepare for the imminent release of the next miniatures, we are already casting the next round of miniatures to follow those towards the end of January.

Those releases will include the Nordgaard Valkyrie, the Halodyne Sanctum Priestess and the Wyldfolk of Annyr Ovate Grove Druid.

Also in that round are three masters of malice - The Fallow Shaman of the Banebrood, the Lighteater of the Troglodytes and the Necromagus of the Mortans.

In the following days we will show you some WIP images of the sculpts starting with the Fallow Shaman.

Please note that those images are "Work in Progress"!