Megalith Games previews Demarchon for Godslayer

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 9th, 2012

Megalith Games continues their Godslayer previews. This time it’s the Demarchon.

From the preview:

The Demarchon is the latest model available for preview – the first warlord of the noble Halodynes faction.

A tactical leader for any Halodyne warband, the Demarchon is also a great melee fighter, making him a good all-rounder.

This fantastic sculpt embodies the dynamic power and classical style of the Halodyne City-States.

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  • Spartan

    This is another must buy. My current general is now looking a tad stale, time to move him to the ranks for this mini.

  • Good looking figs. I don’t play fantasy, but those are very nice. Might be worth getting a couple and showing ’em off at my local FLGS. This a skirmish game?

    • Borzag

      Just jumped on the site and did a bit of research, yes it’s definitely a skirmish game. Given the look of the models, and the fact that it’s not a 200+ mini count game (not naming any names workshop) means that I’m keen all of a sudden 🙂