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Megalith Games previews a new warlord for the Wyrdfolk for Godslayer

Megalith Games is showing off the green of the next Wyrdfolk warlord, Fiannor Farfarer.

From the preview:

We are proud to show you a sneak peek of the forthcoming second warlord for the Wyldfolk.

This is the Fiannor Farfarer, who he is the warlord of the Fiannor subfaction, scheduled for release in around 4-8 weeks, immediately following the Scabhta Hunters.

The Farfarer is the best archer in the game so far and he has tactics to enhance shooty units, enabling them to shoot more frequently and with greater accuracy.

This great sculpt captures his lethal accuracy and "scouty" nature.

Oh, and do not wonder why the bow is not bend that much! This you will be able to do as you like once it is cast in metal!