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Megalith Games announces next wave of Godslayer releases

Megalith Games lets us know about the next sets of Godslayer releases in their latest update.

From the announcement:

It is finally time for some new releases!

Due to some delays with the painting of the product photo models, we decided to combine two release waves and bring you the models as soon as they are ready. In this was we essentially release the new warlords of each faction together, or shortly after, the new unit release.

We will therefore immediately release the new Halodyne and Troglodytes warlords: the Oracle and the Obsidian Nightmare.

Those releases are accompanied by the Sacred Familiar miniature which will be a great add-on for your Halodyne spellcasters!

After that the Nordgaard Einherjer and the Runegate Keeper will show up very soon, followed by the Scabhta Hunters and the Fiannor Farfarer shortly after.

The last units and warlords to be releases within in this phase will be the Mortan Legio Mortum and the Mortifex, as well as the Banebrood Reaver Tribesmen and Reaver Tyrant.

So expect some great releases over the next weeks.