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Mega Minis selling of moulds

Mega Minis is selling off their moulds from their collection this year. Here's a list of what's been sold already.

From the announcement:

Moulds sold in June 2013

The following products have found new homes in the month of June and are no longer available from Mega Miniatures.

MEM-20028 Blacksmiths shop
MEM-20030 The RACK
DEAL-0372 Robot
DEAL-0106 Female Fighter
DEAL-0021 Succubus
F1 Dwarf with Hammer
DEAL-0248 through DEAL-0258 Dwarves
F010 Goblins set plus 1015 series (12 codes in all)
DEAL-20020 Pack Horse
DEAL-20021 Pack Mule
DEAL-0024 Lich
DEAL-0018 Demon
DEAL-20013 Barbarian Throne
DEAL-20008 Globe, Telescope, & Star Gauge
DEAL-0013 Blood Sucking Demon
MEM-00001 Square Bases
DEAL-0752 through 758 sci-fi Goblins
MEM-20033 Shields
DEAL-40007a Alligator
MEM-40005 Chickens
DEAL-40025b Goose
DEAL-0708, 709, 710, 711, 1187 and 1188 Mutants
MEM-90007 King's Court x 24 codes
MEM-28010 Elves x 9 codes
DEAL-0105 Female Thief
DEAL-0108 Female Assasin
DEAL-0116 Executioner
DEAL-0345 Druid Elderly Man
DEAL-0348 Druid man with mace
DEAL-0351 Druid Female staff raised
DEAL-0521 Halfling Drinking Ale
DEAL-0524 Halfling Mother and Child
DEAL-0531 Halfling with broom
DEAL-0541 Halfling with garden hoe
DEAL-0565 Elder Smoking pipe
DEAL-0566 Butcher
DEAL-0580 Baker
DEAL-0586 Blacksmith
DEAL-0800 Female Mage
1004F Barbarian with Spear

Mega Miniatures will be selling off all mould assets and closing their online store on December 29th 2013. As moulds sell, products will be immediately removed from the online store.