Mega Minis release Field Guide to the Demobot

Field Guide to the DemobotMega Minis have released a free PDF based Field Guide to the Demobot for their recently acquired Star Mogul range.

From their announcement:
Mega Miniatures releases the 11 page Field Guide to the Demobot. This science fiction FREE pdf is available at and contains the following:
• Assembly directions for this 17 part miniatures kit
• Salvage Crew Demobot stats and history
• Optional Nova Bombard and Tachyon Rifle stats and history

Plus I would like to thank the following people for their contribution of stats for the following game systems.
Scott Pyle of Supersystem (aka Superfigs)
Jack Herman of Villains & Vigilantes
Michael Taylor for Bash: Ultimate Edition

If any other game company would be interested in contributing stats based on this 60mm miniature, please contact Johnny at

Updated versions of the Field Guide will be made available periodically.